Back Roads France

Back Roads France

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Inside Back Roads France : - A free laminated pull-out road map of France helps you navigate with ease- 24 easy-to-follow driving tours, each lasting one to seven days- Guided walks take you through France's historic towns and villages- Experts suggest the best off-road activities in each area, from wine tours to boat trips- Contains essential travel tips, including our pick of where to stay, eat and shop, plus useful travel, visa and health information- Covers all the French rules of the road - Includes postcodes for use with GPS, plus information on road conditions and parking tips - Covers Nancy, Cotes de Toul, Reims, Champagne vineyards, Calais, Giverny, Dieppe, Honfleur, Deauville, Trouville, Bayeux, Mont-St-Michel, Dinan, Chartres, Blois, Beaune, Routes des Vins Maconnais-Beaujolais, Puy de Dome, Bergerac, Rocamadour, Albi, Bordeaux, Pont d'Espagne, Carcassonne, Montsegur, Nimes, Menton, Nice, St Tropez, Cassis, Bastia, Calvi and more Looking for a comprehensive guide to France? Try our DK Eyewitness Travel Guide France. Take to the open road with Back Roads France and discover 24 leisurely drives through the country's beautiful villages and stunning landscapes. About DK Eyewitness Travel : DK's award-winning Back Roads guide books take the work out of planning a road trip, with easy-to-read maps, tips and tours to inform and enrich your journey. Packed with insider tips and information, this easy-to-use guide reveals incredible sights, hidden gems and authentic local experiences that can only be discovered by road. Tour the Champagne region, drive through the hilltop villages and picturesque lavender fields of Provence or discover Normandy's wild west coast. . , DK is the world's leading illustrated reference publisher, producing beautifully designed books for adults and children in over 120 countries.

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